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NAUTEC - Valve Manufacture - High quality German engineering for the toughest of dives.

Looking back at the last 20 years, I have seen my little factory grow from a tiny one-man-show to a blooming “Ventil Manufaktur” with a tight-knit team working tirelessly behind the scenes.

It has not always been easy. When facing difficult times, the loyalty of my co-workers, the enthusiastic responses of NAUTEC divers, and the faith in my product has allowed me to move forward and continue developing my ideas of performance and design.

The first NAUTEC valve was the Slim-Line-Multi-Valve (SLM) that allowed two regulator first stages to connect to the tank using only one valve. Each outlet could be shut off separately. The slim line valve was a great success, mainly in the German market. Yet when SUBMATIX asked me in 2006 to design a custom M18 valve, the SH prototype looked bulky and didn’t quite match their futuristic CCR 100 rebreather. It was then that I realized I wanted NAUTEC valves to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional and long-lasting.

Our 20th anniversary is marked by a new generation of valves that reflect sustainability and environmental awareness. The flagship, the new APEX manifold, combines my accumulated knowledge and experiences in valve-building over the last two decades.

I truly feel grateful for the steady support of NAUTEC customers and NAUTEC business-partners over the years. I especially value the practical input of the Tec-Diver Community as it keeps me on my toes and inspires me on my quest to achieve the perfect valve.

2021, Gerald Lemke (Owner)

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