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Use your SHEWEE to urinate whilst standing, without removing any of your clothing. From the makers of the original female urination device, the SHEWEE, we introduce you to - the FLEXI! A larger, flexible version of the original Shewee!

Stand up and take control, and avoid the filthy festival portable loos, and grim public toilets! Ideal for traffic jams, festivals, women in the military and much more!

Have a wee whenever, and wherever you need to, without removing your clothing or underwear. Simply unzip and go!

Weighs in just 100gr, made from recyclable Polypropylene. Use your extension pipe when wearing bulky clothing and keep it in your carry case. 

Practice in the shower before taking your Shewee on the road! 

The Shewee Flexi fits inside our Extreme case. Simply fold in the middle and pop alongside your Shewee pipe inside the case. Due to the flexible nature of the plastic, you will need to manipulate the Flexi back to shape after it has been stored in its case. You can do this either with your fingers, or if possible, in warm water.

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